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In the Middle Ages, alchemy meant taking a common starting material – like lead – and turning it into gold. With Dr. Perez, this idea of taking what we start with and making it great is the foundation of her practice. Her philosophy is that all people have the power to improve their lives.

All of us can make a decision to change and grow at any time. We can move from where we are now to a place of greater health, greater peace and a better life. All of our experiences – both in sickness and in health – can be used to bring our mood, our body, and our deepest selves to the life we want to live.


Integrated means you’re not on this journey alone; we have a diverse network of people and a wide range of tools to help you. Working with a team of caring medical providers, therapists, case managers and nurses, you are fully supported in your efforts toward greater health.

While we rely on Western medicine, we also bring into our care complimentary and alternative treatments including nutritional, herbal and psycho-social approaches.

Our goal is to treat the whole person using all the tools available.


Our work with you is grounded in the art and science of healing and wellness.

Best practices.


Dr Gina Perez

Stanford-trained, Gina Perez-Baron, MD brings a passion for the people of Northern New Mexico to her work. Her ethics reflect her values and her upbringing. She cherishes the rich histories and deep experiences that are part of her patients’ stories. With frank communication and sincere compassion, she and her staff are committed to every patient.

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