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Current research has given us a new understanding of the factors that drive addiction and disease. These factors are found in early childhood development, biochemical and neurobiological function, attachment theory (human relationships), baseline metabolism, epigenetic DNA changes, the stress response. They are created by our direct, intergenerational and historical experience.

Organizations can improve their ability to deliver addiction treatment and primary care services that are trauma-informed, culturally attuned… and grounded in best practice models of care.  Alchemy Integrated Medicine can help.

Specializing in agencies and healthcare organizations serving
First Nations and historically underserved communities.

Gina Perez-Baron, MD

Stanford-educated, family medicine board-certified, Dr. Perez has focused her practice on addiction treatment and care for the underserved. Blending her clinical knowledge with her perspective as an Apache-descent / Chicana she has focused her career on creating novel treatment approaches and improving health outcomes by integrating best practices with cultural knowledge and traditional wisdom.

She is the creator of the Alchemy Treatment Model and past Medical Director at the Seattle Indian Health Board. Her work has been highlighted in Gabor Maté’s “Talks on Trauma” series.