• Consulting in Addiction and Primary Care Delivery

What We Know

We are identifying the impact of trauma on disease.  Most important we are learning what happens when we incorporate this new understanding into how we deliver healthcare and services to the historically underserved.  We improve the clinical response of our patients.  We engage the mission of our staff. And we strengthen the communities in which we serve. Understanding, identifying, harnessing internal strengths, historical survival instincts, and traditional cultural wisdom reveals our strongest medicine.

This new knowledge is teaching us the critical role that adverse childhood experiences, cultural and intergenerational history have on behavior, relationships… health and well-being across the lifespan. 

We are learning the depth to which these factors directly influence our ability to make healthy choices, lead healthy lives, build nurturing relationships and hold a sense of agency and safety that are the foundation of a life well-lived.  And we are exposing key targets to focus policies, processes, work environments care and treatment for more effective patient outcomes. Targets that are especially effective for those who have been historically underserved.