• Consulting in Addiction and Primary Care Delivery

Addiction Medicine

Dr. Gina Perez-Baron has extensive experience in using Suboxone® and Vivitrol® to treat opiate, alcohol and other drug use disorders in our rural communities as well as in private residential treatment caring for CEOs, lawyers, doctors and celebrities.

Dr. Perez learned that, to be effective, treatment must be intensive, it must be integrated, it must be verified and it must be based on best practices. She has created a model that successfully brings all of these together in a rural setting.

Long-term recovery requires addressing the changes in brain chemistry, thinking and behavior that accompany addiction. In order to do this, physical symptoms must be addressed. This is what Suboxone® does. It is not a replacement drug. It physically returns the brain closer to it’s normal state – no cravings, no withdrawal – so that patients can receive the treatment essential for long-term recovery.

In partnership with TriCounty and their staff, treatment includes intensive weekly group-based care using the best-known behavioral models for treating addiction. Licensed therapists provide group, individual and family therapy. Case Managers assist with housing, transportation, finances, referrals, insurance issues, patient education, etc. Clinical Pharmacists educate patients on medications and their side effects and equip every patient with the life-saving benefits of Narcan®.

Focused, individualized medical treatment is also an essential part of weekly care where the five medical causes of recurrent relapse are addressed: anxiety and depression, chronic pain, insomnia, ADHD and trauma. It is impossible for patients to achieve long-term recovery unless these issues are fully addressed.

Rigorous honesty is essential to effective care. A brain that has been under the influence of opiates, alcohol and other drugs is fundamentally different. These substances change how our brains are wired (our neurology). They also drastically effect the hormones that drive emotions, thinking and behavior (our biochemistry). As a result, wise decision-making is hijacked, natural truth-telling is stolen and the ability to make decisions in the best interest of ourselves, our families and our health is compromised.  Comprehensive drug testing throughout the process assists with treatment decisions, verifies appropriate medication use and supports the setting of rigorous honesty that must surround any effective treatment environment.

Alchemy Integrated Medicine provides a safe setting for lasting recovery through an intensive, integrated, verified approach that has been recognized as a “best practice” in treating addiction disorders.