• Consulting in Addiction and Primary Care Delivery

Primary Care

Alchemy Integrated Medicine specializes in providing comprehensive primary care for the whole family… children, adults and geriatric care.

Chronic conditions including diabetes, hypertension, COPD, asthma, etc. are treated addressing the whole patient. Behavior modification, clinical pharmacy and patient education are combined with standard treatment and natural/traditional remedies.

Dr. Perez treats chronic pain using a range of approaches including medications, supplements, supportive therapies, trigger point injections and medical cannabis. Her skill is in treating pain safely and effectively with minimal narcotics. Additionally, she has in-depth training in diagnosing and treating myofascial pain.

Wellness and optimum health are a focus of care. Medicare annual visits, Well-child care visits, Adult wellness consultations, Department of Labor/Miners Compensation, etc. are all available.

Primary care services schedule to be determined.